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Making Seed Packets

Have you ever wanted to stash away seeds, but didn't want to use plastic bags? Making your own seed packets is quick to do, and kids will love doing the cutting and glueing. Let them decorate them and you might have a full day of fun ahead! Click here for the PDF to print and… Continue reading Making Seed Packets

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Filling The Greenhouse

It's many weeks till spring, but the greenhouse is slowly filling up. There is a tale to this though. When we moved last March, we brought our Sunglo greenhouse along. It got dropped off onto the lower field, and ever so slowly we have been making a new pad for it. with all things,… Continue reading Filling The Greenhouse

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In Your Face Morning Mocha

You can have a long-term pantry full of dry products, but you also need to go through them on a steady rate, so you don't waste them. This is a key rule of prepping! But while it can be easy to buy vast quantities, knowing how to use them isn't so easy. This easy to… Continue reading In Your Face Morning Mocha

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Pantry Staples: Rustic Pasta

This very simple rustic pasta recipe has great shelf-life for long-term food storage, and stores up in a mason jar in the pantry, for whenever you need a quick meal. It also works well for camping and backpacking, when you have a family or small group to serve. If taking it camping, just package the… Continue reading Pantry Staples: Rustic Pasta

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February Garden Tasks and Seed Planting (For Zone 8A PNW)

February Garden Tasks and Seed Planting. A lot to think about. The month of February is fast approaching, and the garden tasks are waiting to be done, before Spring shows up. I always love November/December/early January because those are my “sleepy” months, when I get to stay inside, and do other things like crafting and… Continue reading February Garden Tasks and Seed Planting (For Zone 8A PNW)