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My Favorite Herbs For Grow Zone 8b

On our homestead, we are herb-friendly. In a legal state, that sounds like pro-cannabis, but what I mean is we grow many herb plants. Both medicinal and culinary, nearly all herbs are pollinator-friendly as well. Grow zone 8b allows us to grow both annual (yearly) and perennial (comes back yearly) easily. There aren't many varieties… Continue reading My Favorite Herbs For Grow Zone 8b

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Building Herbal Gardens

When building a garden, planting herbs is one of the most important things you can do in it. Besides offering immense flavor and medicinal uses, many herbs are pollinator-friendly. If you want a higher production rate of produce in your garden, you must encourage pollinators to visit. Growing herb plants for the flowers is a… Continue reading Building Herbal Gardens

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Sitka Rose Hip Syrup

One of the best roses for creating herbalist recipes with is the Sitka Rose. While its name has one thinking of wild Alaska, it actually grows along the low lands of the PNW well into Washington State and beyond, and grows beautifully. It's a gorgeous bush, and they grow tall along the salt water on… Continue reading Sitka Rose Hip Syrup

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Air Drying Herbs and Flowers

Drying herbs and flowers is easy to do, and takes little work to put away a years worth. And you don't need a dehydrator either. My method is very simple: Take a clean brown grocery bag outside and pick, tossing into the bag as you do. Then fold over the top to keep light and… Continue reading Air Drying Herbs and Flowers

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Easy To Grow Perennial Herbs

No matter where I have lived, I have always had herbs growing. Even in dismal cramped apartments I found ways to have life near me. It is what the hippies would have called Earth Grounding. That you can easily touch a living plant, and feel right with the world, inside or outside. Now then, I… Continue reading Easy To Grow Perennial Herbs