Local Adventures: Waterman Loop

The trails at the South Whidbey Community Park (Castle Park) are often overlooked, but shouldn't be. The trails are some of the smoothest you will ever walk, without pavement. The trail system throughout the park is wide enough for the park's collection of 4 wheel utility vehicles, so they can connect quickly across the vast… Continue reading Local Adventures: Waterman Loop

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Three Trail Ready Recipes

As I walked our property this morning, I listened to birds in the trees, and realized the birds are early this year. Not only has it been un-wintery, it has been warm. I keep watching the trees and bushes pushing on buds. If it continues this path, spring will be early. Evergreen Huckleberry buds showing.… Continue reading Three Trail Ready Recipes

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Outdoor Cooking Methods

A long time ago (OK, it was like the summer of 2002) I was getting heavily into backpacking. I was on the trail a lot then, often 3 days a week and out on trips 3 to 4 weekends a month. Like many hikers in that time period I knew of two choices: buying the… Continue reading Outdoor Cooking Methods


Local Adventures: Waterman Rock

There was a time in my life when I became so jaded with hiking I looked down upon "local" hikes. They were for when I couldn't be in the mountains, chasing altitude and miles. A few more kids, and a farm changed that attitude. If 2018 brought one theme it was never-ending farm work and… Continue reading Local Adventures: Waterman Rock


The Blockhouses of Ebey’s Reserve

An oddity sits in Ebey’s Landing National Historical Preserve in central Whidbey Island. There was once a dozen, and 4 blockhouses from the mid 1800’s still standing. And you can visit them all. Ebey’s Preserve is a place rich in history. Two stand close to each other, near the Sunnyside Cemetery, just North of the… Continue reading The Blockhouses of Ebey’s Reserve