Why Do Bell Peppers Have Babies Inside?

Here's a great produce question: Have you ever cut into a bell pepper, only to find a baby bell pepper inside, often covered in seeds? Or weird stalagmite growths inside that look like they might someday be a pepper? This is called Internal Proliferation, and is naturally occurring. The little pepper inside the bell pepper is… Continue reading Why Do Bell Peppers Have Babies Inside?

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A Seedling Became A Tree

One of the best parts of gardening is how it shifts over the years. I've done basic gardening, I've run an urban farm, built a homestead garden out of raw land, and I have grown a lot of plants. For both us and to sell, trade, and to give away. I used to grow hundreds… Continue reading A Seedling Became A Tree

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Prepping Your Fall Garden In July

Talking about Fall on June 10th seems almost mean. But if you don't get to it now, you won't be prepared for an extended growing season. Start planning, as the go time for a fall season is the end of July for those in grow zones 7-8 to have seeds sowed and plants going in… Continue reading Prepping Your Fall Garden In July

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April: It’s Go Time In The Garden

It's almost time for the posts on Facebook about how “I wanted a garden, but I missed the time to plant”. And it is only the first week of April. In growing zones 7 to 8, we won’t cross the last frost date till in April (for us it is April 15th). We have so… Continue reading April: It’s Go Time In The Garden


Eat Local, Truly

Last month I perused the native plant bare root offerings from our county's Conservation District online. Every fall they offer a variety of bare root starts that they deliver in late winter for pickup, usually in February, to get into the ground before spring arrives. It got me to thinking as I was deciding what… Continue reading Eat Local, Truly