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Prepping For Everyday: Water

Water. Everyone needs it. You won't last long without it. And yet, it is easy to overlook having it on hand. During the early months of Covid, it was easy to laugh at those who blindly stocked up on bottled water. The media mocked them endlessly, after all it was a virus, not water born… Continue reading Prepping For Everyday: Water

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Prepping: Flushing Toilets In Power Outages

The dreaded power outage. We get those a few times a year on average, living rural, on an island. For one, our power is carried over not one, but TWO islands, on extremely tall poles, that sweep across the water. A good wind storm, like we had Tuesday night this week, can take out the… Continue reading Prepping: Flushing Toilets In Power Outages

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Overlooked Pantry Items For Prepping

I was chatting with a friend recently about their prepping plans for pantry stocking. It brought up a few items that are often overlooked, but are not expensive. Some of these items you might recognize sold out during the early pandemic months and were out of stock for months in stores. Each item listed has… Continue reading Overlooked Pantry Items For Prepping

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Dry Mixes For Prepping

This list of dry mixes is from Never Free Farm and our sister site, TrailCooking. Dry mixes area an easy way to add flavor to food stores. Instant rice prepared with a few Tablespoons of dry Cheddar Cheese Sauce Mix gives you cheesy rice. Your prepping supplies will taste so much better, and pack in… Continue reading Dry Mixes For Prepping

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Prepping: A Collection of Dehydrating Posts

Yes, you can buy food ready to store for your homestead, but if you want it affordable you will grow it yourself. And it simply is just better quality and tastes so much better. But more than that you can customize what you store, especially if you are growing medicinal herbs. Enjoy our collection of… Continue reading Prepping: A Collection of Dehydrating Posts