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5 Months To Prepare Your Garden

October slips in. The temperature lowers, and quickly we lose daylight on both sides. Summer crops are done and it's easy to go hibernate for the long winter. Or....maybe you don't have a garden yet. And I am here to tell you to not hibernate yet. It's not time to go to sleep yet. Do… Continue reading 5 Months To Prepare Your Garden

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It’s Up To You To Protect What You Love

September is National Preparedness Month, and a time to think about choices and options - before you don't have them. I hope this post will open your mind. If firearms, and the Second Amendment and the right to carry bother you, you are on the wrong homestead. When I was young(er), I became enamored with… Continue reading It’s Up To You To Protect What You Love


Can You Get Home?

Living rural is a wonderful thing. It's quieter, more relaxed, a way to be more in tune with nature. But it has a drawback. Eventually you have to head to more populated areas to restock food, supplies and to run errands needed. Where we live, it is a 50 mile long island. The majority of… Continue reading Can You Get Home?

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Food Security: Ways To Achieve It

Unless one is hiding from society, and avoiding all news - and shopping - you know how bad it is in stores these days. Inflation is hitting hard, and everything is going up in price, especially food. Every trip to the grocery store leaves me wanting to cry. I get depressed going shopping. Hoping what… Continue reading Food Security: Ways To Achieve It

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The Manual Food Processor

Back in 2017 I was getting serious about getting off the grid, as we were planning our leap from town living to rural life. And kitchen appliances were a big area. I had had a food processor for over a decade when it died. I finally burnt it out, one too many times of running… Continue reading The Manual Food Processor