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Instant Pot Apple-Pearsauce

Instant Pot Apple-Pearsauce Ingredients: 3 pounds apples 3 pounds pears 1 cup water ΒΌ cup bottled lemon juice 2 tsp ground cinnamon sweetener (see recipe) Directions: Wash, dry off and peel, then quarter and core apples, and then chop up. Add the apples, water, and cinnamon to the Instant Pot. Put on cover and seal… Continue reading Instant Pot Apple-Pearsauce

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Instant Pot Molasses Apple Butter

Using your Instant Pot to make apple butter is game changing. No baby sitting it for hours, no stirring, and it is done in a short time. You can water bath can it right away, and enjoy it for a long time. I prepped this in an 8 quart Instant Pot. A 6 quart is… Continue reading Instant Pot Molasses Apple Butter

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Canning Sugar-Free Cranberry Sauce

In fall we put up cranberry sauce, when the cranberries start coming in to the stores and are fresh, but also affordable. It only takes a few minutes more time to can it versus just making a large batch, and have it ready for the Holidays, and for spreading on sandwiches all year long. This… Continue reading Canning Sugar-Free Cranberry Sauce

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Water Bath Canning Crushed Tomatoes

When the end of summer hits hard, and all you see are piles of tomatoes staring back...a quick recipe to process them can be very useful, so you don't waste tomatoes. Especially this year as the droughts are leading to tomato shortages and rising prices. If all you do is process them into crushed tomatoes,… Continue reading Water Bath Canning Crushed Tomatoes

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Chocolate Strawberry Spread/Sauce

My inspiration for this chocolate strawberry sauce was for a chocolate raspberry sauce I saw on Fresh Preserving's website. It contained a lot of sugar - over 6 cups of it. And while I love raspberries, my body reminds me seeds are not my friend. So I got thinking, and adapted the concept to using… Continue reading Chocolate Strawberry Spread/Sauce