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Canning Boozy Huckleberries

Our land has been generous to us this summer - in giving red and evergreen huckleberries to forage. Gathering 6 cups worth is a lot of effort to say the least, so I wanted my project to be worthy of the time I invested. And there is nothing quite like infusing wild berries into a… Continue reading Canning Boozy Huckleberries

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Spiced Honey Apple Butter

In the Pacific Northwest the end of summer and September brings apple season. If you don't have trees, ask around. You'd be amazed how many people don't want their apples and will happily let you glean the trees for free. I had just picked a bunch of apples, off an ancient tree, that tend to… Continue reading Spiced Honey Apple Butter

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Canning Dandelion Jelly

Right at the end of the Spring bloom, the first crop of Dandelions have nearly¬†disappeared (oh, they will come back!), so I set the youngest outside to pick a bucket for me. This jelly's hardest work is the picking, and then stripping of the flowers, but it goes fast. Although you might have green and… Continue reading Canning Dandelion Jelly

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Canning Lilac Jelly

Wherever I have lived (if it was a house) there seemed to always be a Lilac Bush nearby. Most were tree like. We had one that was taller than the house, and was covered in white blooms. While we are down to only one here, it is a deep purple lilac. The blooms were late… Continue reading Canning Lilac Jelly