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Canned Cranberry Orange Compote

A friend shared this recipe, that they had found on Food In Jars. I had found a 2 pound bag of cranberries for a song, and having already canned cranberry sauce was looking for more ideas. I doubled the recipe because if I am going to can, I want it to be worth my time.… Continue reading Canned Cranberry Orange Compote

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Huckleberry Seedless Jam

We grow Evergreen Huckleberries wild on our land - they grow well on the islands in the Pacific Northwest. Our work on our land has in fact led to a huge surge in plants, due to the thinning of the forests (for tree health). Now the huckleberries get what they need: sunlight and rain water.… Continue reading Huckleberry Seedless Jam

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Canning Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce we put up once a year, in the early Fall, when the cranberries start coming in to the stores. It only takes a few minutes more time to can it, and have it ready for the Holidays, and for spreading on sandwiches all year long. Cranberry Sauce Ingredients: 4 cups water 4 cups… Continue reading Canning Cranberry Sauce

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Farm Salsa

Fall is coming, and the tomatoes are ripening like crazy. I was outside picking the other morning in the smoke from the wildfires, that was choking, but I didn't want to lose any produce. I pulled a ton of Walla Walla onions and green bell peppers along with many pounds of tomatoes, and got busy… Continue reading Farm Salsa

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Jalapeno Salsa

Salsa for when the gardens are overflowing, and you want a jalapeno based salsa that makes your mouth happy. And to stash it in the pantry for those long cold nights in winter..... Jalapeno Salsa Ingredients: 10 cups chopped tomatoes 5 cups chopped seeded green bell peppers 5 cups chopped onions 2½ cups jalapeno peppers,… Continue reading Jalapeno Salsa