Local Adventures: Light House Point Trail

For many years I lived on an island, and I still miss it, even 13 years later. Now then…this isn’t a warm island I left behind, rather a wind-swept, cold island, up North. My kind of island. Especially for island wandering.

Last weekend we happened to be up in the islands, and I took the boys on a hike to Light House Point Trail at Deception Pass Park. The trail is on the Fidalgo Island side of the park, out of Bowman Bay.

Bowman Boy is a sheltered area with a long dock for fishing, as well as a floating dock to hook up to.

From the parking area, you head to the left, on a broad path, that follows above the shoreline. The shoreline is rocky and drops off fast. The trail comes to a headland, where the trail takes off up the hill sharply. It is a short trail up and over the rock face, and then it drops down to a cove, where it is sandy. The difference between high and low tide is well-marked.

This stretch of sand separates Lottie Bay and Bowman Bay, and is a narrow strip of land.

Lottie Bay also has a sandy stretch of beach. In summer it is quite nice.

Alistaire and Walker on the trail between the two bays, with a brackish lake behind them.

The brackish lake with Lottie Bay behind it.

Following the Light House Point Trail, it heads towards Deception Pass, with great views of the double span bridge in the distance.

The trail does a loop at the end with even better views – but it isn’t a trail to let children run free on. Keep a tight eye – and hand – on them. There are drop offs. It is though a wonderful place to explore, and there are many more trails in the area. A full day of hiking is easy to accomplish!