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Essential Oil Blending: Immune Support Blend For Ages 6 & Up

If you use essential oils, you may have encountered blends labeled as “Thieves” or similar. Mostly used as an “immune support” blend, they are often heavily used in the cooler months, when colds and similar crop up. The blend is designed as a powerful antimicrobial, and is used for fighting off infections and is often used in household cleaning and disinfecting. However, there is an issue with these blends. It is very strong for children, and with pregnant women.

So what is used commonly in a thieves blend? Lemon, Sweet Orange, Rosemary, Clove Bud, Cinnamon, and Eucalyptus.

Some of the oils used in the blend can cause issues in children and sensitive adults. This is a very strong reason to not use essential oils if one hasn’t studied issues that can crop up. Rosemary, for example, can cause central nervous system and breathing problems in young children.

However there are safer oils to use with children and sensitive adults, and you can get much of the same results this way. This blend can be used as a rollerball, or also used just as oils in a diffuser and or in cleaning solutions.

Immune Support Blend For Ages 6 & Up



To make a 10 ml rollerball, add in 5 drops lavender, 5 drops sweet orange, 5 drops lemon, 2 drops tea tree, and 1 drop cardamom essential oils. Fill bottle with fractionated coconut oil, press in rollerball top. Shake gently to combine.

Using these oils safely: keep away from children’s faces, especially their noses. Application to the feet, chest, and upper back can be highly effective.

To use in a diffuser or cleaning solution, use the ratio of how many drops based on a recipe you normally use (for example, if you use a lemon oil spray for glass and countertops and it calls for 20 drops, that is easy to translate).


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