Essential Oil Substitutes

Essential Oil Substitutes: When you have a recipe you want to do, but not the exact essential oil on hand to finish it. This is a very common question when working with oils. It’s hard with a few oils, but in many cases you can swap out one for another. This can help a lot when an expensive oil is called for, but only a few drops.

However, one note is that in certain applications, you don’t want to leave out medicinal essential oils in recipes. For example, if Frankincense is called for a recipe to be used on the body, use it. But if you are doing an infuser recipe and you don’t have lime, using lemon won’t affect anything.

Bergamot → Grapefruit

Cassia → Cinnamon Leaf

Chamomile → Lavender

Jasmine → Ylang Ylang (Jasmine is nearly always sold diluted in oil)

Neroli → Petigrain

Clary Sage → Half Sage & Nutmeg

Lime → Lemon

Cypress → Cedarwood

Rose → Geranium (Like Jasmine, Rose is often sold diluted in oil)

Tangerine → Sweet Orange

Spearmint → Peppermint

Grapefruit → Lemon

Mandarin → Orange


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