Coming Changes To The Farm

Kirk and I knew when we moved here that we would find the name for our land. It just took us nearly 2 years to get there. Before we moved from Maple Valley to Freeland on the island, our farm was known as Lahar Valley Farm. Our handcrafted body products had been produced under Never Free Farm though, and when we moved we ran the farm under it for the past 2 summers.

But it is time.

So may we introduce the new name of the farm. Full Rip Farm.

From the Olympic Mountains, to the Salish Sea, to the forest of our island, to the Southern Whidbey Island Fault Zone that crosses the island just a few a mile from us (Cascadia).

We will be transitioning to the new name with the coming year. For now the Facebook page is there, we will be launching the website for it with the new year.

As for the current site? I am not sure. This has been home to our dreams and ideas the past few years, but for now I am not sure. I will let our readers know in the coming weeks.