February On The Homestead

February was a busy month here. Between getting seeds going, beds turned and a lot more work, this month flew by. Our weather was pretty normal outside of a (very) heavy week of rain. Temperatures were occasionally frosty at night, but mostly in the upper 40’s during the day and 30’s at night. Unlike in Seattle, with us in the Olympic Rain Shadow, we had many sunny days. The greenhouse is full of trays of soil, and seedlings are popping up.

10 hours of daylight for me means it is time to start seeds.

Alistaire helped me build a big container of seed starting blend.

Slowly the greenhouse filled up with pots full of soil.

An early strawberry on a second year strawberry plant that is over wintering in the greenhouse.

First seedlings popping up, a microgreen tray.

Start of Marvel peas.

The peas near the end of the month.

Tiny seedlings.

Working on the big field, removing a few survivors of invasive canes with a Rogue Hoe.

Blueberry plants getting ready to start unfurling.

I picked up 6 more ever bearing red raspberry plants (bare root) and got them in the ground, with the others.

The big strawberry bed seems to have come through winter relatively OK. A few plants may have not have made it.

The Rhubarb knows spring is coming. Nearly all the plants are waking up and stretching for the sun.

The sun setting low over our forest, but later than a month ago.

Spring is coming, and the busy months are ahead of us.