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Forest Diffusion Blend

The smell of a forest in early fall, when summer is gone but the cold of winter has not yet shown up. One to lift the spirit with, to relax with.

Forest Diffusion



Following your essential oil diffuser directions, add in water called for, then the oils. Plug in and enjoy.

As always, use caution with essential oil diffusers around pets, particularly cats. Avoid using near infants as well or anyone with asthma. 

Use brands that are clean, and do not contain added carrier oils. Aura Cacia is an affordable brand, owned by Frontier Co-Op, and is properly sourced – and made.

Do not use fake essential oils, that are used in candle and soap making. Those are scents, and breathing them in can be very nasty.

Most of all, be wary the brand you buy. Do not buy discount brands at clearance stores and big box stores without proper research.