3D Printing Succulent And Houseplant Pots

Kirk does a lot of 3D printing for things we need around the house and homestead. It really is cool how many files are posted so that if you need something, chances are you can make it. He uses a Pruska MK4.

Of the pots Kirk has printed for me, these two swirl pots are my favorite. They are bigger than the rest he did.

Ample drainage hole.

One got this houseplant.

The other is this pretty house plant.

Find the file here.

This multi-faceted (geometric) pot is small but so pretty. It is perfect for small succulent plants in an office or bathroom. Find the file here.

This hexagon-shaped pot is tiny but perfect for a small succulent to be potted into.

It also has a tray for it to sit on.

How cute is that? The file is here.

And even a mason jar that rings fit onto, for a cute vase.