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March Crops To Plant

As the month of March clips by fast, much of the country is approaching Spring this coming week, Sunday, March 20th this year. The daytime temperatures are warming up for those of us in the Pacific Northwest in the valleys and on the islands in the Salish Sea, we are a month to the last… Continue reading March Crops To Plant


Homeschooling: 4th Grade Curriculum

Conversations online can be interesting, and get you thinking. Being my fiery self I had posted this screenshot on Facebook about how much the average school district spends per child versus homeschooling. A friend also shared this capture, and it brought out an almost anger over it by someone else on their post. They argued… Continue reading Homeschooling: 4th Grade Curriculum


Our Path To Homeschooling

Before Covid I had times I wondered about homeschooling. I'd sit and ponder it. And I have to think many come to embrace homeschooling in a similar manner. It's fine until it isn't. But my boys were happy. They enjoyed going to public school overall, and they seemed to be getting a decent enough education.… Continue reading Our Path To Homeschooling


16 Weeks and 9 Months of Homeschooling

I don't often talk about personal and political things on the blog, but I do on my personal social media. And this is one thing that has sat in me for a long time. As the months have gone by, I have had multiple people I knew for years attempt to cancel me out. I… Continue reading 16 Weeks and 9 Months of Homeschooling

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Tye-Dyeing With Fresh Indigo Leaves

As part of the hybrid homeschooling we are doing with our local school district, the boys get to attend the farm at the school in person. Last week we had an instructor come and teach tye-dyeing with Indigo leaves. I hadn't done it before, so it was very fascinating to learn. Glad we had cover… Continue reading Tye-Dyeing With Fresh Indigo Leaves