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Prepping Meals: Street Style Tacos

I am trying to come up with recipes that use up items many of us have in our food pantries that we bought, but might not know what to make with it. This recipe is good for both hiking, and eating at home during the forever quarantine. Or social distancing. Or for prepping. Use it for… Continue reading Prepping Meals: Street Style Tacos

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Prepping Meals: Brothy Pasta and Veggies

Not quite a soup, but not a bowl of noodles, Brothy Pasta meets it halfway. It is a bowl of comfort carbs, studded with plenty of vegetables. Pack up a few meals of this recipe, to add to your prepper pantry. Prepped one pot method, it is easy to make and both fills up the… Continue reading Prepping Meals: Brothy Pasta and Veggies

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Dehydrating Kiwi Fruit Leather

I don’t often make fruit leather because for the amount of fruit needed and the time required….it honestly is easier to simply buy it. Unless you are seeking out the more unusual flavors! Kiwi is not a fruit leather you will easily find in a grocery store. The recipe is open ended – use what… Continue reading Dehydrating Kiwi Fruit Leather

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Prepping Meals: Herbed Pasta de Provence

A favorite recipe of mine for hiking is Herbed Pasta de Provence, an herb and cheese tossed pasta designed for the mushroom lovers. I worked on the recipe that has been a Trailcooking staple, to make it a bigger serving, for two people. This recipe is very easy to adapt to make for a family while… Continue reading Prepping Meals: Herbed Pasta de Provence

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September On The Farm

September was a throwback to years past....the wildfire smoke rolled in and shut down the last heat of summer. Which led to early tomato blight. Then heavy rain came and then the sun came back. As September slipped into October, the wildfire smoke returned again. Not a horrible September, but also not the best. I… Continue reading September On The Farm