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Meals In A Jar: Instant Egg Sausage Scramble

Having meals in a jar ready to use means you have stocked long-term meal storage planning. If you take the time to plan out easy-to-make meals, you will have comfort food prepared to make when needed. The instant egg sausage scramble recipe pulls together quickly and packs into a pint-size mason jar. This recipe will… Continue reading Meals In A Jar: Instant Egg Sausage Scramble

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Mason Jar Meals In A Jar: Homemade Cup Noodles

There is something about Cup Noodles/instant noodles that is incredibly bad for you: extra salty ramen with the tiniest sprinkle of dried vegetables and possibly meat. Maybe a couple of the tiniest shrimps. Packed in styrofoam, plastic, and paper. But they are the worst comfort food, just calling to the tummy. When I am sick,… Continue reading Mason Jar Meals In A Jar: Homemade Cup Noodles

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Canning Boozy Huckleberries

Our land has been generous to us this summer - in giving red and evergreen huckleberries to forage. Gathering 6 cups worth is a lot of effort to say the least, so I wanted my project to be worthy of the time I invested. And there is nothing quite like infusing wild berries into a… Continue reading Canning Boozy Huckleberries

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Mason Jar Herb Garden

Mason Jar Herb Garden for sale….and what?!? $8.98 for a jar, a little soil and a few seeds? Ack! Although, I’ll be honest: if you are not a gardener who happens to have soil, rocks and seeds on hand, it isn’t a horrid price. Pricey, yes. Easy enough to do at home. Oh, it won’t be… Continue reading Mason Jar Herb Garden