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Mason Jar Herb Garden

Mason Jar Herb Garden for sale….and what?!? $8.98 for a jar, a little soil and a few seeds? Ack! Although, I’ll be honest: if you are not a gardener who happens to have soil, rocks and seeds on hand, it isn’t a horrid price. Pricey, yes.


Easy enough to do at home. Oh, it won’t be free, but should you have mason jars on hand and like doing it yourself instead…..


Find quart mason jars. I love the look of frog inserts on the jars (they are used for flowers in jars as well).


Add in around 2″ of small rocks. Aquarium rocks work great. Then fill to nearly the top with a light potting soil (indoor plant potting soil works great). Gently tap the jars to help settle, add more soil if needed.


Add in seeds of your choice. Just sprinkle in a few seeds in each jar, and loosely cover with soil. Lightly water.


Water periodically (the rocks ensure the soil isn’t soggy).


And soon enough, if your jar has enough sunlight, you will get baby sprouts! They will grow up through the frog openings. Then, enjoy for the summer!