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Preserving The Spring and Summer Bounty: Freeze-Drying Eggs

As we approach the Summer Solstice next week, homesteaders have been harvesting a lot of eggs if they have chickens, ducks, turkeys, and even quail. I know that for us, with only 17 hens currently, I can take in a baker's dozen per day, most days. For us, we are nearly at 16 hours of… Continue reading Preserving The Spring and Summer Bounty: Freeze-Drying Eggs

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Freeze-drying Frozen Vegetables

One of the simplest things we can preserve in our Harvest Right Freeze-dryer is frozen vegetables. A couple of times a year, we run batches to preserve and tuck away. Where we live power outages are a real issue in winter months, and I don't like keeping a lot in the freezer. I have lost… Continue reading Freeze-drying Frozen Vegetables

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Quick Pickled Red Onions

I've pickled red onions often, using various methods, and I've always searched for ways to replicate the pickled onions served in cafes. While tasty, water bath canning them never produced the results I wanted. The onions were cooked and didn't have the snap they needed. Then I played with this quick pickling method, and I… Continue reading Quick Pickled Red Onions

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Seed Saving: Heirloom Bean Seeds We Grew in 2023 And Saved

One of the most important things you can do as a gardener and homesteader is to preserve open-pollinated/heirloom seeds that grew well for you. Keep growing them, but also share with others so they can keep these seeds going. One single bean seed can produce many, so even 6 to 8 shared seeds is huge.… Continue reading Seed Saving: Heirloom Bean Seeds We Grew in 2023 And Saved

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Freeze-Drying Eggs

During the pandemic years, freeze-dried and dehydrated eggs were hard to source. People were stocking up, especially at the tail end, when Avian Flu forced many commercial growers to kill their hens. This led to very high prices. At one point, Augason Farms was over $100 a can on Amazon. The price for Augason Farms… Continue reading Freeze-Drying Eggs