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Prepping For Everyday: Water

Water. Everyone needs it. You won't last long without it. And yet, it is easy to overlook having it on hand. During the early months of Covid, it was easy to laugh at those who blindly stocked up on bottled water. The media mocked them endlessly, after all it was a virus, not water born… Continue reading Prepping For Everyday: Water

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What To Plant In Grown Zone 8b In June

Good morning, and First Day of June already! It's time to start thinking about succession crops, but also to start dreaming about fall crops (yes, I realize the irony that we haven't even started summer yet....). But Mother Nature doesn't wait for us. Start planning now for your fall garden means you will be eating… Continue reading What To Plant In Grown Zone 8b In June

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Garden Beds In May

It's May, and June is around the corner. I have been busy, almost too busy to write. I am still homeschooling our boys and after school time we work on the homestead, often till dinner time, then we come back till sunset. I find time though to take photos when I think about it, to… Continue reading Garden Beds In May

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It’s Not Too Late! What To Plant Now In Grow Zone 8b

The lament is real. It hits Mother's Day weekend and on every Facebook community page (and backyard gardening page) people start freaking out that they have missed the magical start line. But the thing is, in Grow Zone 8b (and even into Zone 7) you have time plenty for most crops. There are exceptions of… Continue reading It’s Not Too Late! What To Plant Now In Grow Zone 8b

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A Year In Making A New Bed

Building a bed in ground to garden in can be done two ways: Rushed, or you take the time to let it be done right. Since we moved to our land here I have done both methods. And yes, I had to re-do the first rushed beds, that first summer (2018) so we could grow… Continue reading A Year In Making A New Bed