Oat Banana Bread

If I can make Alistaire a dessert he can eat and he loves, it is a good day. Oat based banana bread can be a heavier bread than its wheat counterpart, but I find I like it more. Prep the bread easily in a high-speed blender with minimal cleanup. It's farming season....and I need easy… Continue reading Oat Banana Bread

Bee Keeping · Homesteading

Low Tech Processing Honey Out Of Frames

In our previous home we kept honey bees, and I wrote about our bee keeping often. The winter before we moved to the island, our colonies collapsed due to an attack from predatory yellow jackets. With us busy getting ready to move, and feeling very blue over losing our hives, we took out the frames… Continue reading Low Tech Processing Honey Out Of Frames

Gardening · Homesteading

Rebuilding A Bed

Last year I grew much of our food in one bed, that Kirk had carved out for me. Due to it being on virgin land (and island land is "special", depending on where you live on it, it can be pure sand, a mud bog or hard pack like we have), this land had to… Continue reading Rebuilding A Bed


April On The Farm

April was busy. Between schooling the boys and getting far too many farm projects done, the month slipped by far too quickly. We brought home 12 ducklings at the end of march. How can you say no to such cuteness? Seedlings grew in the greenhouse.... The little ducklings grew so fast. The ducks were well… Continue reading April On The Farm


Chocolate Chip Scones

The weeks have melted into each other these past 7 weeks, and I don't get a lot of time to sit down and write up recipes. But this one was so easy and quick to make, and oh the boys loved them. So I found the time to write up the recipe to share! Chocolate… Continue reading Chocolate Chip Scones