Savory Pepper Tomato and Onion Drop Biscuits

It's 1991 and I am in college. To pay the rent I am working at a horrible K-Mart (yes, they were once a thing). Next door is a mega grocery store with a huge bakery. Many days my lunch was a roll the bakery made. It had onions, peppers, tomatoes and cheese in it. Most… Continue reading Savory Pepper Tomato and Onion Drop Biscuits


Avocado Bread

Pretty, dappled green avocado bread. It is so good. And it tastes like nothing you have had before. It's bougie banana bread. So simple to pull together with only 5 ingredients. It isn't the cheapest to make for sure, but wait for avocados to go on sale. Then buy a couple and wait for when… Continue reading Avocado Bread

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5 Gallon Bucket Growing

With our cold and wet spring (and seriously...we had a wind storm last night into this morning that was winter like) I have been looking for options for peppers and some tomatoes to be able to grow protected, and to hopefully increase the crop production numbers. Bell peppers do grow here on Whidbey Island, Wa,… Continue reading 5 Gallon Bucket Growing

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Berries To Forage For On Whidbey Island

Cold springs that are wet are beneficial to one thing: native plants growing bumper crops of berries. And those berries are there for you to enjoy, to forage for, and to enjoy. This is a collection of berries you can find on Whidbey Island, Washington. And all around the Pacific Northwest as well. For many… Continue reading Berries To Forage For On Whidbey Island

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Whidbey Island Gardening: The Cool Spring

It's been a cool spring this year. And a wet one, depending on which end of Whidbey Island you live on. We live outside of Freeland, in the Olympic Rainshadow, so we get far less than say Oak Harbor in the far north, or Langley, farther south (it gets quite a bit more as it… Continue reading Whidbey Island Gardening: The Cool Spring