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August On The Homestead

August, dry and long. At least the smoke from the many forest fires wasn't as bad this year. We only had a couple days, and they were very tolerable overall. Not like the past years where we have had choking smoke roll in for long periods. At the start of August, the gardens are… Continue reading August On The Homestead

Gardening · Homesteading

Gardening Experiments: September Planted Potatoes

If you are going to garden, be open to experiments. The worst is it fails, and if you do low cost items, your gamble isn't big. And the bright side is...chances it will work, or at least you learn from it. We live in Grow Zone 8b. We tend to have wet winters/early spring, but… Continue reading Gardening Experiments: September Planted Potatoes

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Canning No Peeling Pasta Sauce

It's first week of September and I am picking tomatoes daily to process. With salsa prepped for the winter, it was time to move onto pasta sauce. I hate peeling tomatoes. It involves spending more time in the kitchen, and more time sweating. This is how to use all the tomatoes you grow: white, yellow,… Continue reading Canning No Peeling Pasta Sauce


Nectarine Cobbler

I love fresh nectarines so much. A lot more than peaches. But they just don't get the same love. Like have you ever seen canned nectarines? Or frozen ones? To me, they are all the best parts of peaches without the weird fuzzy peel. So when I see them ripe this time of year...I go… Continue reading Nectarine Cobbler