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April On The Land

April - the month where it's planting and seeding time, yet it's still cold and chilly - and even snows Yet it's time to start dreaming and buying. The tiniest tomato seedlings struggling. But soon they will be huge. I have no aversion to also buying tomato and pepper starts, and the tiny starts are… Continue reading April On The Land


Lower Sugar Carrot Muffins

These muffins are not sugar free, but are considerably lower in sugar. The molasses does add sugar (15 grams per Tablespoon, but that is divided between 12 muffins), and the prune puree/raisins as well, however it adds in fiber and nutrition. They give it a deep flavor, with lots of moistness, with out needing more… Continue reading Lower Sugar Carrot Muffins


Hula Berries Vs. Alpine White Strawberries

It will happen soon. You will be walking into the local corporate owned grocery store, or a big box store, and your eyes will wander to a brightly colored wrap touting exotic looking strawberries in a pack of plants by the front door, or in the garden area. It will say Hula Berry on them.… Continue reading Hula Berries Vs. Alpine White Strawberries

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State Of The Garden In March

Kirk and I went to Antartica and took a chunk of March (and February) off from the homestead. I really needed that to appreciate what I have. It was a very long trip, we traveled around 18,000 miles round trip, to Argentina and beyond. Once in a lifetime trip. I came home I realized… Continue reading State Of The Garden In March

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April: It’s Go Time In The Garden

It's almost time for the posts on Facebook about how “I wanted a garden, but I missed the time to plant”. And it is only the first week of April. In growing zones 7 to 8, we won’t cross the last frost date till in April (for us it is April 15th). We have so… Continue reading April: It’s Go Time In The Garden