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DIY Travel Spice Kit

Building a spice kit for travel is easy and can be done as an upcycle project. When I made this kit, my boys were still in baby food years. I had accumulated many Stage 1 jars, though most any glass jar will work fine (4-ounce mason jam jars work well). You will need to match your carrying tub to the jar size.

With the jars, I washed them and let them dry for a day or two, to ensure there were no damp spots inside. I decorated the jar lids with craft paint, chalk paint is a great option as well. Then I fill each jar as desired, with favorite spices & herbs. Since this was used for car camping & cabin stays, sugar was also included. Once filled, make sure the lids are tightened, and stash in your gear.

I let the boys decorate it with camping stickers of course! As for the spice kit, change out at least every year. If you buy in the bulk herb & spice section found in many grocery stores, filling the jars is very thrifty.

2 thoughts on “DIY Travel Spice Kit

  1. I would be interested in your picks for a backpacking spice selection.
    Onion flakes
    Garlic powder
    Italian seasoning
    Salt & pepper of course
    Chill pepper 🌶 flakes or powder
    Curry 🍛?
    Asian seasoning

    1. Dennis,
      In the past I have carried in my food sack stuff for meals and it is usually:
      Granulated garlic, onion powder, parsley, Italian seasoning, black pepper, sea salt, cinnamon/sugar blend and hot sauce!

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