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Woolpets Needle Felting Kit Review

A few years back I picked up needle felting as a hobby, and the boys had been bugging me for a year to teach them. I decided they were old enough to not put the needles into their hands/fingers on accident, so we had fun learning how to do a Woolpets kit together.

I had found the kit at a yarn shop, near our old home, and it got packed up for the move. The boys were helping me get the sewing machine set up and Alistaire found the box.

The pumpkin was a breeze to make, the squirrel…well, I am sure with a few more I could be a pro. Still fun though! It was my first 3D one, where I had to attach arms, feet, tail and head, so there was a huge learning curve. We had lots of roving over so Alistaire made a “wrapped gift” with some of it.

Cute kits, and yes, they come with everything you need to do it: a pad, needles, roving and anything else needed (except for a a sewing needle, if needed).