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New Books For Gardening

Spring is on the horizon when the gardening books start showing up on shelves. We have had a number of titles come for review, and with the long nights, I have had a lot more free time to simply read. I love looking for new ideas to try out each spring and I wasn’t disappointed in this grouping.

Countertop Gardens: Easily Grow Kitchen Edibles Indoors for Year-Round Enjoyment

Have you thought about growing year-round? This is an interesting book for those who don’t have a lot of outdoor growing space or who live in cold areas. If you have one of the fancy countertop growing setups you will find a lot to guide you. I don’t, however there is also plenty on DIY versions. While it isn’t something I am particularly into, it does play into what we do in our greenhouse, so it is something to keep on hand for future reference.

No-Waste Kitchen Gardening

Take the concept of green living even a step farther: recycle your kitchen waste into new plants. You see Pintrest posts and memes a lot about this – regrowing green onions, celery and living lettuce. It dives into it much farther, even growing the tops of root vegetables for winter greens inside. I found this book to great for teaching children more on how to recycle before you compost.

All New Square Foot Gardening

When we did urban gardening, square foot gardening was something everyone I knew practiced. If you have little space to grow vegetables but want to, you might as well get the solid guide on it. Even those with just a strip of lawn can do it! (Well, you could even build beds on top of concrete if it came to it……)

Mastering the Art of Vegetable Gardening

This gorgeously shot book deserves to be left out for everyone to wander through. If anything it will start discussions on how they had no idea you could get “x” in those colors! It can open up a whole new world for the reader.

The Beekeeper’s Lab

If you are a beekeeper, or just love playing with beeswax, honey and similar – or are looking for home-schooling ideas for children, the Beekeeper’s Lab book is a fun book. Laid out in color, with many photos, it has many projects to try.

FTC Disclaimer: Some of the titles we received complimentary for potential review.