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Spring On The Farm

I won’t lie….I have been very, very busy the past month. Not much time to sit down and actually write blog posts. Some weeks I don’t turn on my computer more than every 3 days! But that isn’t a bad thing, it just means I am busy on the farm, growing plants and produce like crazy.

We finally got over 50° at night, which is the key part in everything waking up and coming to life. You can see it in the greens especially. One week they are tiny, then suddenly it’s all 4x the size.

My days are spent working on the farm (since we don’t have irrigation in still, I move 400 to 500 feet of rubber hose most days. It’s a good workout however!) and prepping for market time/farm sales. You go from do nothing winter to overwhelmed spring. Lol.

The first radishes being harvested.

First Chamomile flowers forming. These will be this years for drying.

Rosemary in flower. This is my favorite Rosemary, that I take all the cuttings from, to air dry.

Chives getting ready to open.

Tom Thumb Peas.

The first alpine strawberries forming. The first year plants are growing quickly the past two weeks. We brought our first plants last week to market.

We are selling at the South Whidbey Tilth Farmer’s Market this year. It’s a small market, compared to some, but has so much to offer. The location is child friendly, and vibe is very relaxed.

And they make the best pizza for lunch!

We have been bringing our many herb plants to market – and they are all growing quickly in the heat/daylight. $5 for a gallon plant.

This Sunday we will have with us:

Rhaptonic Rhubarb
Soap Wort
Red Dock
White Horehound
Cinnamon Basil
Blue Spice Basil
Munstead Lavender

We will have tomato plants (numbers are VERY limited):

Red robin (these are 1 ft tall dwarf plants, a cherry): 12

Oregon spring (Bred to produce earlier for the colder pnw): 24

Bush beefsteak: 1

Black Versaniage: 2

Italian: 1

Wa Cherry: 1

Stupice: 3

Graham’s: 5

Sweetie: 2

At market we have our hand salve, two of our newest soaps, lip balm and a few other items.

As well, many of our gently air-dried herbs and flowers.

We’d love to see you at market on Sundays, or drop us a line to come out to the farm for plants 🙂