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February In The Garden

I had an attitude issue in February. I just could not get going mentally. It was dark in general. I tried to go outside and get work done but just felt defeated.

So I went on vacation for a couple of weeks, and came home this last week, inspired and ready to go. So that was good for me.

Still, I did get work done in February, because I knew time was ticking.

One, I got seeds organized. I realized if I did just that, and that alone, my work would be so much easier. These were beans we grew last summer.

When you see the leaves just starting to unfurl. There is a promise there.

The over wintered lettuce isn’t big, but was alive after multiple snowfalls and chills. The bed it is in is wrapped in plastic to keep it warmer.

White Sage in the greenhouse, where it has over wintered.

The egg production slowly returned after the long winter of little.

Getting ready to make seed cups.

Filling up the greenhouse is the desire.

And a lot more to fill.

Working on seeding potatoes.

A new brand I am trying out.

I’ve grown seed potatoes before (Clancy grows well), so hoping these will do well.

I saw this new tray, and had to try it out. It is silicone on the bottom. Burpee Superseed Tray.

Using it for potatoes.

Random alpine strawberry starts, where I have no idea what variety they are.

They will show what they are in the coming months, as they put their first berries on.

These are 2nd year alpine strawberry plants. They will grow quickly in the coming months and produce in late spring.

Working on covering the potting shed to keep birds out this year. I decided I would finish it in March, in case of any more snow (which did happen!).

As I started the annual weeding of beds I cam across a LOT of garlic I had missed last summer (tops broke, etc). I dug it up, separated it and potted it up. (I got it into the ground when I got back from vacation, into new beds).

Mid-way thru the month I found this year’s garlic crop coming up in the new rows we created last year.

I didn’t spend a lot of time this short month, but I did get a lot of ground work done at least.