Top Ten Recipes and Homesteading Posts In 2023

What were the Top Ten most read blog posts on Never Free Farm in 2023?

A varied mix for sure. From gardening, to recipes, to freeze-drying, to noticing how often our Great Depression Era recipe posts are read.

1: Depression Era Recipes: Hoover Stew

2: Lower Sugar Pear Jam

3: 3 Weeks Of The AeroGarden Farm 24XL

4: Reviewing Augason Farms Honey White Bread Mix (With Recipe)

5: Hula Berries Vs. Alpine White Strawberries


6: February Garden Task and Seeds To Start

7: April: It’s Go Time In The Garden

8: 2 Bags of Cranberries: Canned Cranberry Sauce For The Year

9: Pantry Staples: Scalloped Potato Mix

10: Freeze-Drying Banana Bread Slices, Pumpkin Pie and Other Tasty Treats

Freeze-dried banana bread and pumpkin pie in a harvest right freeze dryer.

The Top 2 Posts Read In 2023 But Not Written In 2023?

Canned Pickled Red Onions (it is also the most read post in the entire history of our site!)

Canned pickled red onions grown on the homestead. So good in salads!

Growling Garlic In Zone 8 (Also in the top 5 of all time)

Garlic grown in zone 8b. So much tastier than store bought garlic!