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July On The Farm

July was a mixed bag this year, really a common theme this entire year so far. It started chilly, and many days were overcast till at least mid-afternoon, before it warmed up. The evening temperatures were rarely above mid 50's. This stunted crops but everything kept plodding along, trying its best to grow. If anything,… Continue reading July On The Farm

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Building My Dream Strawberry Bed

When we lived in a suburban setting I long fantasized about having the space to have my dream alpine strawberry bed. This year it occurred to me it was the perfect thing to put in near the fruit orchard, where it wasn't feasible to put in "normal" crops due to being so near the well… Continue reading Building My Dream Strawberry Bed

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January On The Farm

January was a "getting stuff done" month, mostly thanks to the month being so warm (record-setting in Seattle). It also didn't rain much, and most days it was sunny. It got cold at night most days, but daytime it was in high 40's to upper 50's. We got to work on reducing the log pile… Continue reading January On The Farm

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February Garden Tasks and Seed Planting (For Zone 8A PNW)

February Garden Tasks and Seed Planting. A lot to think about. The month of February is fast approaching, and the garden tasks are waiting to be done, before Spring shows up. I always love November/December/early January because those are my “sleepy” months, when I get to stay inside, and do other things like crafting and… Continue reading February Garden Tasks and Seed Planting (For Zone 8A PNW)


December On The Farm

The theme of December 2018 was simple: Cold weather & markets. I spent little time outside till the last few days of the month, because honestly? Going outside in freezing temperatures isn't fun, and there isn't many hours in the day to even work with light in December. However, I got a lot done inside,… Continue reading December On The Farm