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Gardening 101: Learn The Basics

When you decide to start gardening, it can be overwhelming. Where does one start? How do you do it? We have many posts that can help you with each question, inspire, and help you learn. Wether you have a single pot on a deck, an urban backyard, or you are living rural with many growing areas.

Updated USDA Grow Zones

Know the average temperatures in your local area. They have changed in some places in recent years.

Make Your Own Seed Starting Mix

It’s far better and more affordable than buying tiny bags of seed starting mix.

Starting Seeds In Pots

Giving your future crops a hand up.

No Garden? Grow Dwarf Plants

It’s the easy way to have fresh veggies and fruit on a patio or deck.

Building A Garden Quickly

You can get a garden on the weekend.

Growing To Eat Versus Growing For Hobby

There is a real difference in how you will go at it, and how much space you need.

How To Buy The Best Seeds

There are so many options it can overwhelm you.

How Much To Plant?

This is one of the questions we get the most often asked. How much does a person need to plant, per person, based on whether or not you are eating for the summer or preserving for winter as well?

The Food Forest

Plant once, eat every year. Grow fruit and berries (and some vegetables) that come back yearly.

Using Reclaimed Logs To Build Beds

We have used this method a couple of times.

Grow Potatoes

Potatoes are one of the few crops that, even if they fail, you can use the failures to restart the growth cycle.

Garbage Can Taters

It’s a simple and effective method.

Building An Herbal Garden

Herbs are great for pollination, medicinal, and culinary.

5 Gallon Bucket Growing

A great method for pepper plants.

Growing Garlic

It’s the crop that flavors so much.

Planning A Fall Garden

In mid-summer, it is time to start planting fall crops.

Saving Seeds

How do you have next year’s seeds for free?

Making Seed Packets

How to create an easy paper envelope. Great for children to do.

Prepping For Early Frosts

If you want to extend your garden season, plan for it beforehand.

The Kinder Garden

Build a garden for your children.

Dealing With Microclimates

How to protect plants when it has a shorter season than a mile away does.

A Year Of Sileage Tarping

How to use sileage tarps to create fields ready to grow in.