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Making Seed Packets

Have you ever wanted to stash away seeds, but didn’t want to use plastic bags? Making your own seed packets is quick to do, and kids will love doing the cutting and glueing. Let them decorate them and you might have a full day of fun ahead!

Click here for the PDF to print and cut out. Each printing will make 2 packets. Use standard paper, and be sure to look at the print preview in case you need to scale to fit.


To assemble, cut out packet:

Fold over, then fold the edges. Glue the bottom and one side, let dry. Glue sticks, preferably the purple ones, work best.

Once glued, fold the top over. Decorate as desired, then fill with seeds.

Glue or tape down the top flap and stash away. These are great for making giveaway packets at seed swaps as well!