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Gear Review: Off Grid Tool

A few months back we were sent an Off Grid Survival Axe Elite to try out - and did we. Well, Kirk did, I can tell you! A post shared by Sarah Kirkconnell (@sarahkirkconnell) on Oct 28, 2017 at 4:29pm PDT I'd say the biggest use for it has been the hatchet. It's handy, and… Continue reading Gear Review: Off Grid Tool

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Farm Tool Review: Rogue Hoes

What's the first tools I go for in the fight against weeds? Rogue Hoes. 6" Garden Hoe - 5.5" Field Hoe - When Kirk ordered me these last year, I pretty much rolled my eyes, thinking "how can these be any different from other hoes?" So many tools sold in big box stores fall apart… Continue reading Farm Tool Review: Rogue Hoes