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Gear Review: Off Grid Tool

A few months back we were sent an Off Grid Survival Axe Elite to try out – and did we.

Well, Kirk did, I can tell you!

I’d say the biggest use for it has been the hatchet. It’s handy, and does a great job on making kindling for the fire pit.

The first thing (after his first run using the hatchet part), was to sew a cover for the blade. He has leather scraps and leather needles for that, and quickly sewed up a cover. This is the only criticism of the tool – it should have a cover standard, as it is sharp.

The 6″ blade works as promised, and as a wrecking tool, the entire tool has great potential (yes, it got used on our decking “adventure” this year). Another note is the heft of the tool. It sits well in a man’s hand. It often was out with us on the farm, filling in for when I would have had to go inside and get a tool. So it saved me trips, so I didn’t get distracted as easily.

In the cold months? It’s in the truck now, tucked in for emergency use.

FTC Disclaimer: We received a review copy for use. All opinions are ours.