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Review: e-cloth Dusting Glove

Awhile back I was sent an e-cloth® brand high performance dusting & cleaning glove to try out.

I’ll admit something: I despise dusting.


Mostly, it’s because dusting sets off my sinuses. The fast track way for me to be sneezing, red nosed and stuffed up is to dust. All those particles flying in the air. The other choice is to use cleaners, which I also have issues with (most commercial cleaners cause my skin to break out in rashes, or worse, hives). So we tend to live in a house…that well, some might find icky with the dust.

So when offered a chance to review one of their new dusting gloves, I jumped at it. The best part? It WORKS. Yes, it does exactly what is advertised. Wipes dust right off every surface you can come up with. And it stays on the fabric. Then, when done, drop into your laundry to clean. How low maintaince is that?

It works well clean on computer monitors, tv’s, ipads, phones and more – I have found Kirk using it. And even our teenage son, who rarely cleans. He found it keeps his Xbox nice and tidy. And the glove fits them easily, even with their large hands.

The only downside is the price ($24.99) but I can say it is well worth it. After nearly 2½ months of use, it still looks brand new. And yes, the house is a lot cleaner 😉

FTC Disclaimer: We received product for potential review.