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May In The Gardens

It finally warmed up! That was the biggest thing about May. And wow, it warmed up fast. We went from cold and wet, to hot and dry, with temps in the high 80’s. At least everything grew like crazy. The entire garden spent that hot week, where Spring started, to catch up.

May started with many veggie starts left to sell, the warm weather sure encouraged to get out and start gardening!

Due to the weather, I took a second try at the herbs that had flopped in early spring. I was rewarded with plants this time.

Although the rhubarb decided to bolt and go to seed.

Lilacs in bloom.

A big mess, but worth it. We took out the hot tub that came with our place. It was rotten underneath. A Sawzall does wonders.

Finally pulled out the dead Cypress trees in the back yard.

Strawberry plants are my love! So many starts!

Late this year, the Tulips were gorgeous once they bloomed.

Alistaire’s little nasturtiums.

5 Helichyrsym plants growing.

Spanish Lavender, one of many on our land. Pollinator friendly beyond belief.

New bean pole fun!

The last of the tomatoes, I squeezed them in.

Pepper plants transplanted.

This time of year I love being out in the beds. It’s all growing. It’s green! And so much potential.

Add in a hammock and life is pretty good.

Baby cucumber starts.

Marshmallow and Feverfew starts.

Bees on the lavender.

And the peas that wouldn’t grow this Spring, suddenly took off.

And lazy evenings!

The hammock is always full of little boys….

The Marshmallow plants getting bigger.

White Soul Strawberry plant.

Bell Pepper plants getting stronger by the day in the sun.

Tomato bed.

Beans and nasturtiums coming up on bean pole #1.

First June Bearing Strawberries getting ready at the end of May.

Calendula flowers.

Alaska Peas coming up late.

And at the end of May, no tomato plants left, but many strawberry and herb plants growing for our next sale in June!