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January On The Homestead

January has ended. And spring is nearly upon us in the PNW. It was a slow month outside, mostly dreary and keeping us inside, but those sunny days? I made sure I got outside to work, be it cleaning the beds, picking up pinecones and getting things ready for February.

Huckleberry plants ramping up for spring.

The fruit tree buds that will open in the next month to two.

One of the many crows chilling in winter.

Garlic popping up on a sunny day.


In the end of the month, I got into the greenhouse and started to clean. It’s always amazing how much firewood for the fire pit ends up in there, to dry out. We had a couple roaring fires this past month!

Working on radish seeds.

Prepping the start of this years strawberry plants.

Greenhouse cleaned up, and getting into production.

And in the last few days of January, a sunny afternoon that soon turned into downpours. Work while we can, then hide inside and plan for the coming sun…..