Local Adventures: Double Bluff Beach

We had things to on Whidbey Island this past weekend, and what a chilly morning it was. Even with being on the open water (Strait of Juan de Fuca) it was below freezing just after sunrise. Alistaire really wanted to watch the ferry take off from Mulkiteo and braved the cold winds.

Looking across the water at Whidbey Island, with the Olympic Mountains peeking over. The lighthouse is near the ferry dock.

We were running ahead of schedule and had time to waste, so we took the boys to Double Bluff Beach, which is an Island County owned park. It is also an off leash beach. In the far distance Mount Rainier floats through the haze, farther to the right the skyscrapers of Seattle poke up (though not very visible in the photo). Rainier is big, and you can see it far away, it dwarfs the other volcanoes by quite a bit in our state.

Looking down the beach. There is an inlet area, where high tides fill it with water. Lots of signs of clams. The double bluffs, which are very unstable, are in the distance.

We went out to the beach and rambled around. The shell picking is great, as is lots of sticks and driftwood. It’s an easy beach to walk, with firm sand.

The park is tiny, parking is limited, but it is well worth the time to go visit it. As we left a mated pair of bald eagles flew into the tree above the truck and were having a robust conversation. To find the park, follow these directions.