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Book Review: Home Gardener’s Specialist Guides

Two newly released titles this spring, out for gardening time. Each book is full-color, easy to flip through, and packed with a lot of information.

Home Gardener’s Annuals: The Complete Guide to Growing 37 Flowers in Your Backyard

Flowers. Until we became bee keepers I looked down on annuals. After all, wasn’t a berry producer more favorable? Well, I learned that lesson that the more annuals I planted, the happier my pollinators were, and oh the gardens were so much prettier. Now, I plant many types, sprinkled throughout the gardens and yard.

Home Gardener’s Perennials & Bulbs: The Complete Guide to Growing 58 Flowers in Your Backyard

Bulbs I was weird about as well until the past few years, which oddly enough garlic was cool to grow, but not flowers. A friend gave me a birthday gift a few years back of bulbs. She has moved across the country now, but every year the bulbs flower – and Regina’s gift keeps giving. If you haven’t tried out growing bulbs, be sure to take a look.