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Letting Random Weeds Grow

I have a few “weeds” I let grow unchecked. For some reason they just don’t bother me, and why not? They co-exist nicely with the plants growing. Maybe a bit of a relaxed attitude, and if they also attract pollinators, so much the better!

The first is Blood Sorrel – I saw it growing in an established bed the first summer here, 4 summers ago. It had not done well until I planted grapes and blueberries near it. Now it gets water, and shows up in late summer. This year it has bloomed amazingly in the heat.

Purslane…it’s a plant that keeps showing up in farmers markets. Apparently it came in via compost.

Chamomile. It spreads on the wind. It’ll grow in beds, lawns and even cracks in pavement. The smell is wonderful when you walk on it, or brush against it.

And this purple one is Linaria purpurea.