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A Season In The Tomato Bed

Tomato season starts early, long before most are even dreaming a ripe juicy slice. In the cold and short months of January and February, the little plants grow in the greenhouse, tucked away from the cold snaps and harsh winds. It gives one hope though, when they open the door into the greenhouse.

February 6th:

It’s snowy, and so quiet. But inside the heater kicks on and the grow lights pop on as needed.

February 19th:

On balmier and dry days, is when the weeds are managed and cleaning is done.

March 10th:

The seedlings popping up.

March 21st:

They grow quickly.

April 9th:

It starts warming up, so more weeds show up. More work to be done.

April 14th:

The transplanting done up to gallon pots.

April 28th:

The last bit of April I can barely move in the greenhouse.

April 29th:

The main bed is fertilized, and ready to plant.

First plants in.

May 9th:

We also had a huge multi-farm plant sale around that time. Right after this a hail storm came through, thankfully all went well.

May 29th:

The first surge.

June 15th:

Growing, and doing well.

July 7th:

The summer surge.

July 31st:

First harvesting was happening.

September 14th:

At the tail end of harvest, the tomatoes know when to turn off.

September 18th:

And hail makes its first appearance for the coming Fall.

Early October:

And once again, it returns to empty. Fall is here and the land is quieting down.

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