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The Newest Raised Bed

When we were having the issue trees removed around our property, I pulled out a few for projects. We have an odd upper lawn section that I’d guess the previous owners used for nothing, but to mow it once in a while. It is where I planted rhubarb in the spring, and put in a tomato bed with bricks I found in the woods. The new beds sit on the far edge of it, with a rock retaining wall just beyond. I don’t want to till in this area as I have no idea what might be buried line-wise, and it is also hard packed soil.

A few weeks ago I put down a thick layer of cardboard, multiple thickness, then made a frame for a new raised bed with two 8 foot logs, and two 4 foot logs. As needed I tucked in a few small bricks to hold the frame in place (since the logs were not straight nor flat).

The goal was to have a permanent raised bed to showcase our strawberry plants in, so that in the coming year farm visitors can see how they grow. I put in 2 of each plant (Baron, Regina, Yellow Wonder, and White Soul). I used an organic planter/raised bed mix. It took four 3 cubic foot bags to fill it (12 cubic feet). My strawberries had been sitting in gallon pots as reference.

After planting, I covered the bed with well aged wood chips, to keep the soil from drying out, but also to smother any potential weeds.

I had leftover bricks, so I made a path between the beds. It is narrow, but is just enough I can sneak through. I smothered the area and around the bed with more wood chips.

The strawberries should do well in the bed, and continue to grow. This year’s plants have flowers and berries starting now.

Side note: After all was done, we did put a deer fence around the bed. As I have noted before, if it is close to the house, I can usually get away with a 4 foot fence, though I usually cover the fence on top, making it a cage. I save the 7 foot (pricey) fencing for down low. I love our deer, but oh does it make the garden beds not quite as attractive visually, once the fences are up!

It’s the small child catcher!