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April: It’s Go Time In The Garden

It's almost time for the posts on Facebook about how “I wanted a garden, but I missed the time to plant”. And it is only the first week of April. In growing zones 7 to 8, we won’t cross the last frost date till in April (for us it is April 15th). We have so… Continue reading April: It’s Go Time In The Garden

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Building A Garden Quickly

In a recent talk I gave on gardening I brought up the value of raised beds in a garden. If you are thinking about growing a garden for food security or for having fresh produce as soon as possible this spring, raised beds will get you going without the months of prep needed for in… Continue reading Building A Garden Quickly

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Felled Tree Raised Beds

Raised beds are great to have in a garden, but can be expensive to build. I am always looking for ways to cut cost on our farm and use what we have on hand. With the clearing of the forested sections on our land, I have ample amounts of Hemlock to deal with. One can… Continue reading Felled Tree Raised Beds

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Using Reclaimed Logs To Build Garden Beds

Garden beds can be a pricey thing to build, but if you are willing to have a rustic look, you can do the framework for free. This project took a verrrryyyy long time to get done. Mostly because no one wanted to work in the hot sun all summer, and clearing the dead trees in… Continue reading Using Reclaimed Logs To Build Garden Beds

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The Newest Raised Bed

When we were having the issue trees removed around our property, I pulled out a few for projects. We have an odd upper lawn section that I'd guess the previous owners used for nothing, but to mow it once in a while. It is where I planted rhubarb in the spring, and put in a… Continue reading The Newest Raised Bed