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In My Homesteading Book Pile Currently

Kirk and I drove down to Oregon to attend the Mother Earth News Fair this past weekend, and unlike past times, this year I brought books back with me to read. As crazy as it is, I prefer paper copies of books over digital. I like having a permanent copy that I can go back to.

My focus on the books I picked up were berries and medicinal herbs, which are a huge part of our farm. To say I have a lot of reading coming up is taking it lightly. It might end up being till winter till I can sit and read deeply, and take notes, but I will get there.

Hopefully you might see one or two books that pick your interest and help you in your gardening!

Homegrown Berries

When I saw this book I impulse bought it. Berries are my life as a farmer – and I need all the education I can get. The book is like a manual on the how to’s and how to go farther with my work. One of our goals is having a lot more raspberries, so yeah, winter reading!

The Medicinal Herb Grower: A Guide For Cultivating Plants That Heal

After attending two of author Richo Cech talks I finally picked up this book. I have a lot to learn about growing medicinal herbs, and while I can grow most of them, some are quite tricky, so why not learn from an expert?

Making Plant Medicine

Another classic from Richo Cech, I finally picked up a copy. Let us see where it takes me.

I picked up a couple of Mother Earth News book-magazines (seriously affordable at the fair – they do these 3 for $10, and I had a 20% off coupon on top).

Mother Earth News Guide to Unusual Herbs Magazine

Mother Earth News Guide to Growing Herbs

Mother Earth News Guide to Super Herbs

And a few more books I am currently reading, that were sent to us for review:

Organic Gardening Techniques

While I may not have any aspirations to have a certified organic farm, our techniques on our farm are all done this way. I love learning new methods and ideas, which this book does have in spades. It might also have the best idea I have seen for where to put your potatoes while you wait for them to sprout.

Attracting Wildlife To Your Backyard: 101 Ways To Make Your Property Home For Creatures Great And Small

We don’t suffer a lack of birds and wildlife here, however I’d like more knowledge on making life easier for them. And who doesn’t have room to improve?

Wood Pallet DIY Projects

Because pallets are often free, and if you mess it up? Not a huge loss. Learn fun projects. Some are way above my skill set, but I have tucked it into Kirk’s reading pile!