December On The Farm

The theme of December 2018 was simple: Cold weather & markets. I spent little time outside till the last few days of the month, because honestly? Going outside in freezing temperatures isn’t fun, and there isn’t many hours in the day to even work with light in December. However, I got a lot done inside, and that is a good thing. New products created, new look for our packaging and a lot more. Getting this done also gets us ready for next summer’s markets.

Dark, frosty and windy. Not exactly “let’s go work in the fields” weather.

Fires though? Those were a welcome way to get us outside!

The storm before Christmas brought us no power for days, and a lot more wood to be cut – and moved to the big wood pile to be quartered.

But in the last few days, we worked the land, cleaning up after the storms and found a lot of good stuff – like Witches Butter on a downed Hemlock section, in the sun.

The majority of December was creating more items for our store. We did a number of markets in December, and debuted many new items, including these gorgeous Honey Oatmeal soaps.

What we got a great reception at our markets was our books, especially our many hiking books. I don’t usually bring along our books, but this will be a permanent addition to our markets.

I’ve been working on new recipes, and soon a new line of soaps will debut (in time for spring markets and on the website!). This one is peppermint, a luxury bar that lathers up wonderfully.

New Years Eve’s sunset over the Olympic Mountains. What a gorgeous ending to the year! Seed starting starts soon, in the long winter, but soon enough, the focus will be on growing.