BoGo Sale In Our Store – Help Us Change Our Branding & Get Great Deals

The Coronavirus has thrown some of our plans into a mess for our farm. Not that it is all bad though, it has just changed timelines for us.

As our readers know, we have been in the process of changing to our new farm name, Full Rip Farm, for the growing season. This has gone as planned, with us growing plants and soon fresh produce for sale locally on Whidbey Island.

One of the issues though is we have lost our in person sales of our body care and apothecary line due to the virus, and state orders. We don’t know if the farmers market will happen this year, but worse, we will not be able to sell these products at the market during the “shelter in place” in Washington State. Farmers markets have had to change hugely this year to even open up, with minimal vendors and only so many customers let in at a time – and customers cannot touch the products. The early opening markets are showing us all the huge changes we face. We know that if the market we attend opens in May, in a couple weeks, we will only be taking plants and produce to sell. We are working on plans for selling plants direct on our farm contactless for our local readers.

And that means….we have a lot of inventory that we had crafted for the upcoming market. It bears the Never Free Farm branding. When we can go back to selling in person, it will carry the Full Rip Farm logo. Soaps, lip balms, hand and body salves, essential oil products, stickers and our dried flowers/herbs in the apothecary.

Which means…..

Our offer is we are doing a BoGo (Buy one Get one Free) deal on everything but books, in the Homestead Store.


Pick out what you want in the store. Place the order. We will double what you order, and get it shipped out via USPS. Buy over $50 and we ship FREE. All 50 US states and APO/FPO orders only, no International orders.

Let’s say you want 2 bars soap, but 2 scents? Mix and match is fine. Just contact us and let us know what you want for your free one, after you order. The free one will be same price or lower. (So yes, you could buy a soap and ask for a lip balm for example)

Books are not included in the sale, but everything else is!

We will try to keep inventory up to date, but if we run out of an item, we will contact you and ask if you would take a sub, or we will happily refund you!

I do have a limited run of a few products not on the site, that we sold in person (such as $10 gift boxes of 4 soaps) that I will add soon.

When does the sale end? When we finally purge all the inventory! I’ll be posting a link to this post on the store’s main page as well.

I miss all my customers in person and I truly hope that when this is all over the markets will be joyful again.

~Sarah and Kirk