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Prepping Meals: Brothy Pasta and Veggies

Not quite a soup, but not a bowl of noodles, Brothy Pasta meets it halfway. It is a bowl of comfort carbs, studded with plenty of vegetables. Pack up a few meals of this recipe, to add to your prepper pantry.

Prepped one pot method, it is easy to make and both fills up the belly and rehydrates the body. Winter and chilly fall nights call for meals that warm you up, and brothy bowls do this quickly.

The recipe is vegetarian, though it is easy to add in a can or pouch of chicken if desired (add with the water step).

I’ll talk about the egg in the notes below…but it is worth it to add it to the soup. It adds a lot of protein.

Brothy Pasta and Veggies



Pack the dried vegetables in a snack size bag, pasta in a sandwich bag. Tuck in other items. This can be stored long-term in a mason jar.

Add 5 cups water to a medium saucepan, add in the dried vegetables. Add in broth concentrate and olive oil. Let sit for at least 15 minutes to start rehydrating.

Bring to a boil, add in pasta. Cook on a low simmer for 8 minutes (or minimum time on pasta package).

Stir in lemon juice and dig in.

Serves 2 to 3.


This is a very generous meal. It will serve 2 large appetites or 2 smaller appetites and a child. Or 3 to 4 as a starter dish.

Lemon juice can be a fresh lemon or bottled lemon juice. True Lemon works well also, add in 1 packet.

The hardboiled egg: If you have access to farm fresh eggs, pick up some unwashed ones. It’s easy to hard-boil eggs in a pot. Bring the eggs to a boil in a small pot of water, let sit off the stove for 10 minutes, drain and shell. The key is the eggs not being washed. Eggs that are that way last a long time in their shells without refrigeration.