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Pantry Staple Recipes: Dry Cheese Sauce Mixes

Cheese sauce powder is an essential for easy pantry staple recipes. While you can find dry cheddar cheese sauce mix online easily these days, making your own is a snap, and most of all….you know what is going into it ingredient wise. Use these recipes in any recipe calling for dry cheese sauce mix. It’s also great tossed with avocado oil and freshly popped popcorn. For an easy pantry staple recipe, you can mix a serving of the dry mix with instant rice and prepare as usual. Fancy? Maybe not, but in an emergency it feeds the body.
Cheddar Cheese Sauce Mix

At home:

Mix all the ingredients together. Store in a tightly sealed container. Keeps for up to 4 months, keep away from heat and for best long-term storage, store in your refrigerator.

To use:

Each serving is about 7 Tablespoons. To make a sauce, combine 1 serving mix with ¼ cup water. You can cook up 4-ounces pasta, drain off all but ¼ cup water and mix the sauce in, adding 1 to 2 Tablespoons of oil or butter if desired, for a homemade mac and cheese.

Also use the powder in any number of recipes calling for ‘cheese sauce powder’ for a natural version (some commercial brands contain artificial dyes).

Makes 4 portions.
Parmesan Cheese Sauce Powder Mix

Mix all ingredients and store in a tightly closed container (plastic bag or tub). Keeps for up to 4 months, stored away from heat. Long-term storage in the refrigerator is a good choice.

To use:

Combine ¼ cup mix with 2 tablespoons melted butter and ¼ cup water.

Makes about 5 portions.
Add salt to taste.
This mix works well with cooked and dehydrated pasta. ¼ cup of the dry mix with 4 to 5 ounces of dehydrated pasta. (Weight after cooking and dehydrating pasta). Olive oil can be subbed for butter. Rehydrate the pasta with boiling water (cover and let rest for 10 to 15 minutes, then drain water, leaving about ¼ cup water behind. Add in fat and dry mix, toss together.)
Shelf stable Parmesan cheese is the green can (Kraft) or any of the natural or organic versions on the market.