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Prepping: A Collection of Posts

You might not consider yourself a prepper, but if you homestead, you will eventually find that you are one, or that you are becoming one, because you need life skills. This is a collection of posts we have done over the years of various things that are part of how we gained skills. The homesteading methods and ideas here might further you as well!

One area of prepping is how do you cook food, easily and safely, without power. Knowing what to do with all the base ingredients you bought, and have stored. Outdoor Cooking Methods.

Setting Up Water Tanks, Part 1.

Setting Up Water Tanks, Part 2.

Using winter storms to assess your setups.

Mama’s Lil’ Fireballs. Make your own fire starters to get going quickly.

A forgotten area of prepping? Making sure you have canning supplies. Many learned this the hard way this year.

There’s An Oil For that – building an essential oil kit for first aid at home.

Pondering an EDC. I was very good at it for years, then when we moved I wasn’t so good at it. I need to repeat it often!

Powering medical devices in power outages.

That’s the plan! Get the sticker.