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Hamama Microgreens Growing Set Review

Let’s leave it at this: I am a sucker for Instagram and Facebook ads. I’ll see something and think about, take a look. Maybe I don’t buy it then, but I may come back later on round 2 or 3 of ads. When I first saw an ad for the Hamama Microgreens growing sets, I was intrigued. Sure, it was kind of hipster elite but it got me thinking. I have grown microgreens a couple ways, and those were messy (especially grown in soil), and not great for doing inside, on a window.

But a few weeks ago I saw another ad pop up, with a really good deal, so good I couldn’t pass it up. It was $17 with a $17 credit to use on more of the seed quilts! And the shipping was even included.

Less than a week later I had a starter kit – the growing tray, and 2 microgreen seed sheets – in my mailbox.

So what are they? They sell 10 varieties of seed quilts, predone and ready to start growing.

I started with Super Salad Mix, which is ready in about 10 days. It’s satisfying to watch something grow in the dead of Winter, in the window next to my desk. And it has been a great way to do gardening with the boys inside on cold days.

It’s quite simple to set up. Open up a seed quilt, discard packaging (which is compostable btw). Add water to the fill line in the tray, then put the seed quilt in it, and push down gently, ensuring the entire quilt is covered with water.

Then set the tray to do its thing. While you can set it in a window, as I have done, you can also set it on a counter, as long as it receives either natural or artificial lighting, that is all that matters. I marked on the included paper what day it was started, so I would not forget.

4.5 days into the process:

The seeds are starting to sprout, under the blanket. Eventually the seeds push up and either rip through or push up the top. Take it off gently at that point, and let finish growing.

Slowly getting there, growing to the light.

After they are ready to start harvesting, in about 10 days, snip away. To keep for longer use, cut off, and store in a zip top bag in the refrigerator. Do not wash before storing (since they are not grown in soil, no need to wash unless you really want to).

Now then, I have tested the difference between growing in a window and on the counter. It doesn’t need direct light, just light. What I noticed is that growing in the window stagnated the seeds germinating, which I atribute to the cold seeping in from the window at night (since it is often in the 30’s at night here). So something to ponder. Think warmth over windows.

They offer 10% to first time customers, use “SUPERGREENS”. It’s a fun way to grow inside, but also great for homeschooling with children. Mine have really enjoyed watching the seeds grow and “taking care” of it. Which means…they will enjoy eating it once the harvest happens.


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