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August On The Homestead

August was….hot, dry and long. At least the smoke from the many forest fires wasn’t as bad this year. We only had a couple days, and they were very tolerable overall. Not like the past years where we have had choking smoke roll in for long periods.

At the start of August, the gardens are full and lush with growth.

Corn growing well.

Pumpkins growing.

Garlic harvest was one early in the month.

Curing onions, on a pallet, for air flow.

The hot weather this summer led to a bumper crop of bell peppers.

Helichrysum in bloom.

Curious hen.

Leaf Cutter Bees love thick blueberry leaves to build their egg tubes.

Cosmo and Honeybee.

Being able to produce store size bell peppers.

Harvesting sweet corn. Not only did I grow corn successfully this year, it was really good tasting. I will put this down to a hot summer, and irrigation.

Corn on stalk.

Thai chili peppers.

Sunflower, planted by a squirrel.

Butternut Squash. When I picked it last week it weighed in at 6 pounds.

Acorn squash.

Summer winding down, the second crop of golden raspberries start and continue till first frost.

Alpine strawberries start up in August again, and also produce till first frost.

This Lupine plant my youngest grew from seed for me last spring and now it is getting big.

Grapes picked off the vine.

Two of the baby chickens. These are half-siblings, but raised by the same hen. They are around 7 weeks old now.

A baby butternut squash trying at the end of the season.