Honey Cinnamon Oat Milk Latte

This past week Kirk gifted me a new espresso machine. The updated Breville Barista Express. This one has a couple new features, including a hot water shot, by the steam wand.

9.5 years ago he bought me (the older version of) the Breville Barista Express, and I used it nearly daily to make lattes. It paid itself off in a few months, with both of us having daily lattes. Considering how expensive a latte is (in the PNW it is often $5 or more for a grande 16 ounce latte), learning how to run a machine is a life skill to have. I spent most of my 20’s as a barista, running a coffee house on our island in the mornings, fueling everyone’s days. If you patronize a shop that is an independent, and you are polite….there often will be a barista who will teach you how to run a machine, you just have to ask. In my 9 years I taught many people. I’d tell them to come in when it wasn’t busy (and the boss was nowhere to be seen), and then show them how. Most people still stayed as a customer, but wanted to know how. And hey, if you do ask, tip them for their time.

The old machine, which I gave to another former barista to enjoy. With a good deep cleaning, it should still have years on it. It pulled a LOT of shots over its years.

I’ve happily been working on the machine this week, making lattes for my best guy, but also feeling inspired again to create new drinks. I am an ambassador for Nature Nate’s Honey, so I have lots of honey to play with – and a warm Fall inspired drink came to mind. Kirk drinks barista oat milk with his lattes, and of all the milk alternatives, I find it steams the easiest, smells the best (almond milk stinks after steaming, sorry, but it does!). Btw, the honey oatmilk latte is a Starbucks thing, and I don’t think it tastes good there. They use watery oatmilk – and it’s just far too expensive (places need to quit charging extra for plant milk at this point….).

Now then, I don’t offer alternative methods to making this drink. I realize that an espresso machine is a large jump if you don’t have one, or haven’t ever used one. It’s an awesome like skill to get though – and if you ever need a job, well, you have a skill!

Honey Cinnamon Oat Milk Latte



Add the honey and cinnamon to a mug, stir to combine.

Steam the milk to the temperature you prefer (I aim for 160°), slowly add in part of the milk to the mug, to melt the honey. Then add the rest, stirring well.

Pull the espresso shot, pour in. Stir if you like.

Top with any remaining foam.

Serve immediately.

Makes one short 8-ounce latte. To make a 16-ounce latte, double the ingredients.

If you like sweet lattes, you may wish to add up to 2 Tablespoons honey in your latte. I am used to using less sweetener and enjoy the bitter taste of a well pulled espresso shot.