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State Of The Garden In March

Kirk and I went to Antartica and took a chunk of March (and February) off from the homestead. I really needed that to appreciate what I have. It was a very long trip, we traveled around 18,000 miles round trip, to Argentina and beyond.

Once in a lifetime trip.

Yet….as I came home I realized I did miss my little spot of land. I actually felt very conflicted over our trip. It was so long, and I felt uneasy over it. At the same time, I felt that maybe this might be my only chance to go, and who knows what the future will bring for air travel, countries getting along and such.

But I was rewarded with spring trying its hardest to start. March was overall normal – rainy at some points, sunny weather often and even warm days.  It was good growing weather, with the returning daylight.

The day we left I had potted up all these Elderberry starts, they were bare root ones. By end of the month life was showing.

Douglas Fir starts.

Rhubarb returning.

Hellebore in bloom.

First growth in the swimming pool section.

The Lupine my youngest grew me from seed is now returning I think 3rd year.

The girls are producing spring numbers. It went quickly from 1-3 eggs a day to 10 to 15 a day. In a matter of a few days once we hit March.

The sign that would get me kidnapped.

A neat idea I saw.


The potting area finally has a bird netting over the top to just make it that much better.

Plant starts.

Potted up into 4″ pots, they will grow many times bigger before I move them into the ground end of April.

I worked hard to get the swimming pool area finished, since these were my first to be planted beds. The fence I built out of scraps and zip ties. I figure…you use what you have. It was so cold those days while building. The wind was howling in off of the Salish Sea. I’d get 10 zip ties done, then run into our greenhouse to thaw, and repeat. As long as it deters the deer, then it works.