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July In The Gardens

Summer came on time, as it should. It showed up around the Forth of July, as it does most normal years. It wasn’t hot though. While much of the US baked in July, it was actually pleasant in July. Though it never stayed warm at night, which is great for us, but not so much for the tomatoes. They are definitely hampered this year due to the cool nights.

It was a productive July, and I won’t complain on that. We ate, and it was tasty.

Early Broccoli harvest.

I had planted a lot, and yes, I picked early. I am always fidgety with Broccoli. Take it early or risk bolting if we get heat?

First Tomatoes came in early July.

First Cucumbers.

First Magic 8 Ball Zucchini.

Calendula, growing wild in the beds.

The massive potato field that grows in the compost pile.

Tricolor Sage, that has grown from a 2″ start, to a massive plant. I haven’t watered it in 2 years and it is doing fantastic.

With an anomaly growing up off one branch, reverting to plain Sage.

Bush Green Beans, growing in an old chicken coop bottom.

Work tent.

Daisies, growing wild.

The berry bed, becoming a mess. I’d tidy it up over the month.

White Blackberries, starting to form, after growing these plants for 5 years.

Not at that price. 4 figs for $9.49 is very pricey. And they were not even local! One reason we added a second Fig tree last year.

Figs growing happily.

Kiwi growing.

Red Currants,

Variegated Elderberry producing this year.

Feverfew growing wild.

Apples on the trees.

Was shocked. The Hawaiian Strawberries actually produced a few berries this year.

Growing ever so slowly, but it was very tasty when harvested.

My gardens may not be pretty, but they are functional. I am encouraging the grapes to grow across this year.

Artichoke growing.

Nasturtiums, growing wild.


Raspberries that taste like wine.

A short crop, but one we love every year.

A butterfly wing we found. A bird must have had a tasty snack.

First onions.

Early potatoes out of the compost pile.

Marshmallow plant in bloom.

Onions and Cucumbers.


Chickens enjoying the parts of the harvest we didn’t use.

Borage growing wild.

Chamomile, growing wild.

Evening picking for tomorrow’s meals.

Chicken eggs.


White Sage, harvested for a friend.

Large tomatoes.

Cucumbers can be worse than zucchini for missing one, and finding a club of one later. The chickens enjoyed this overgrown treat.

Lots of bell peppers on the last day of July.

And the Green Zebra tomatoes started coming in…..